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    Our uniqueness is our gift to the world. No two people have the same qualities, vision and experience, and our life’s work emerges from our own melting pot

    Gill Edwards

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    If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got

    Zig Ziglar

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    The workplace should primarily be an incubator for the human spirit

    Anita Roddick

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    When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece

    John Ruskin

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    “What lies behind us and lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen”

    Henry David Thoreau

In my experience of coaching people in business, the greatest challenge is always to balance work life with the other important aspects of life. “Making a decent living! What else would business be about?” That was Finbar’s reply when I asked him the question of why was he in the particular business he was in.

He seemed quite astonished that I would even ask such a question. He had the ability and saw an opportunity to make a living in it.

His answer is perfectly valid, at least to a point. But Finbar saw when he did the Wheel of Life exercise that he was missing out on many important parts of his life. The biggest change for him was having time with his family and friends. He used to come home so late from work that there never was time to be with the children before bedtime. There never was time to play or go on a family holiday. Now there is always time as that is a major priority in his life.

Through coaching, many things in his business began to get done more effectively. People working with him found him much easier to deal with. It may seem simple to make a change like this, but it was a huge challenge for him. A person’s business or work can easily dominate her or his life. Patterns and habits are formed that become addictive. And most people fear change, even when change is beneficial.

That is why it is so important to take time to step back from one’s work or business to be sure that what is really important, your priorities in life, are being properly catered for. Many people need some help or coaching in this process. I find the need to tailor coaching support to meet the specific needs and priorities of each individual.

How we can help you

We bring you through an exciting and often challenging process. We get you to focus on your business and your personal life. We use a multi-layered approach that ensures balance and detailed attention to both your business success and your personal growth and fulfilment. Through this website and our newsletter we provide you with information and inspiration. We challenge you to treat your work or your business from the perspective of how it truly serves you best. Some of the challenges may seem overwhelming, unique, complicated or difficult to talk about. Some habits in your life or work may be so engrained that you may feel you can’t change them, that it is already too late.

We show you how coaching is extremely effective, sometimes vital, but always enjoyable. It transforms the way you approach and deal with challenges in your life, work or business. We show you that your life is very important, that you have a unique contribution to make and that you can enjoy the experience of living and working at your best.

We are very happy if you benefit in whatever manner from your contact with us through this website, through our free newsletter, through talks or workshops we give, through face-to face coaching or phone/Skype coaching or through some of our on-line publications which will be available later in 2012.

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Look at the very best individual sportspeople we all know of – people like Rory McElroy, Roger Federer - they all use a Coach. Many top, highly successful business people also use a Coach. It seems like an irony that the Coach they use will probably not have nearly the same ability in sport or business that their clients have. The truth is the Coach does not have to be better than the client; the Coach does not even to have any real ability in the particular area of expertise of the client.


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Everyone needs a Coach! Look at the very best sportspeople we all know of – people like Rory McElroy, Sonya O’Sullivan - they all use a Coach. Many top, highly successful business people also use a Coach.